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Cork Inc., a Tokyo-based manga artist management and literary agency, co-develops new works with writers and manga artists, and then manages their intellectual properties globally through multiple media. Cork exclusively represents a growing catalog of titles that are immensely popular in Japan and Asia.

Cork strives to help our creators expand their readership base throughout the world. We deliver their works of art and intelligence to potential readers around the globe.

The name of our company, Cork, comes from the cork of a wine bottle.In order to deliver a good wine to the rest of the world, and also to preserve it for future generations, it is important to protect it with a cork. Thus, we named our company Cork in the hopes that we can become an indispensable entity that delivers the works our creators make to the rest of the world and preserves them for future generations, much like a good wine. Wines are chosen based on when, where, and by whom they were made. These happen to be the same criteria by which literary works are chosen. However, while wine prices fluctuate based on these factors, the same does not happen to literary works. We feel that this is hampering the growth of a healthy market for entertainment. The challenge that Cork continues to solve is building a new market for entertainment by directly connecting creators with their fans.

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