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Chuya Koyama

space brothers
chuya koyama

Chuya Koyama, one of the most prominent manga artists to this day, is most famous for Space Brothers. Since the series kicked off in 2006, it has birthed 34 volumes, total sales of over twenty million copies, and new episodes that readers enjoy till this day. With Space Brothers, Koyama was awarded the two most prestigious manga awards in Japan, the Kodansha Manga Award and the Shogakukan Manga award. The series was adapted into a live-action film, and the theme song was written by the British band, Coldplay. It also became an animated series, and was broadcasted nationwide in Japan, with plans to be broadcasted in over 20 other countries as well. Space Brothers has been translated into five languages. Recently, Koyama worked collaboratively on a movie poster for The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott. He also designed the characters for the Japanese version of the music video for Something Just Like This, the hit single by The Chainsmokers, which was a collaboration with Coldplay.

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