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Coico Koyama

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coico koyama

Coico Koyama is a manga artist and illustrator from Kyoto Prefecture. She lives with her husband and two daughters. Her husband is Chuya Koyama, the renowned manga artist who drew Space Brothers.
She began drawing manga after getting rave reviews on her first manga, which was all about her husband’s everyday life. In November 2017, she announced her manga I Want to Live Like I'm Skipping, painstakingly drawn stories of everyday life. The next year, she announced her next work, “Jijo-chan” stories about the everyday life of the Koyama family. Aside from these serializations, she updates her SNS with manga and illustrations daily, and has over fifty thousand followers on Twitter. Her instagram account is quickly gaining fans as well. Her lighthearted style that makes people giggle is also drawing in more fans. She has also published a picture book in the past, and also draws illustrations for childcare magazines and children’s books.