Cork, Inc.



To produce high-quality pieces of literature, it is vital to create an environment where creators can focus on their creative pursuits. As an agency, we get on the same ship as our creators and assist them in spreading the word of what they’ve created, fanning the sparks of interest in their works all around the world. As an agency, Cork provides long-term support for our creators to maximize their potential value.


Company NameCork, Inc.
EstablishedOctober 1, 2012
AddressTeitoaoyama Bld. 5F, 3-2-3 Shibuya,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0002
Capital5 million JPY
Our MissionDeliver it to the heart. Be passionate about what you love.
About Us
  1. Creator Management (Mainly manga artists and novelists)
    • Editing
    • Website operations and SNS management
    • Creator branding
  2. Management of Creative Works
    • Copyright management and licensing
    • Creation of e-books, publishing (manga, literature, non-fiction)
    • Character merchandise planning and sales
    • Promotions
  3. International outreach and promotions
    • International Sales and Promotions
  4. Fanbase Managment
    • Events (reading events, lectures, etc)
    • Fan community management
Global OperationsThe number of contracts in different countries continues to grow, allowing the work to be published in countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, France, Italy, and Germany. For more details, click here. If you are interested in a publishing contract for one of Cork’s works in your own country, please see our Q&A page here
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FounderYohei Sadoshima (@sadycork
Yohei Sadoshima joined Kodansha in 2002, and worked as an editor for the weekly magazine Morning. He has been in charge of works such as Vagabond (Takehiko Inoue), Dragon Zakura (Norifusa Mita), Hataraki Man (Moyoco Anno), Space Brothers (Chuya Koyama), Modern Times (Kotaro Isaka), and A Textbook for 16-Year-Olds. He left Kodansha in 2012, and founded Cork as a literary agency.
CEOKousuke Shindo
CEO and President of Cork, Executive Producer at Yoshimoto Creative Agency.
Skills include building things with his hands and coming up with new ideas.
Huge fan of public baths, dogs, rice porridge, Laozi, and photography.
COOKris Kurokawa (@krikuro
After joining Canon Marketing Japan Inc., Kris Kurokawa worked in the sales department of a large-scale corporation. After working for a major foreign based company in New York, she decided to join Cork in August 2015. She is a representative for the Serika Fund. *

SERIKAFUND is named after Serika Ito, the heroine of the manga Space Brothers. In the manga, she is researching a way to develop a medicine to cure ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). SERIKAFUND hopes to contribute to the same cause in the real world.  *Only available in Japanese

Company Name Origin

Cork, Inc.

The name of our company, Cork, comes from the cork of a wine bottle. In order to deliver a good wine to the rest of the world, and also to preserve it for future generations, it is important to protect it with a cork. Thus, we named our company Cork in the hopes that we can become an indispensable entity that delivers the works our creators make to the rest of the world and preserves them for future generations, much like a good wine.Wines are chosen based on when, where, and by whom they were made. These happen to be the same criteria by which literary works are chosen. However, while wine prices fluctuate based on these factors, the same does not happen to literary works. We feel that this is hampering the growth of a healthy market for entertainment. The challenge that Cork continues to solve is building a new market for entertainment by directly connecting creators with their fans.