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Kazushige Abe Keiichiro Hirano Norifusa Mita Mutsumi Yamashiro
Moyoco Anno Kotaro Isaka You Shinada Nao-cola Yamazaki
AR3Bros. Hiromi Ito Masahito Soda Shinya Kinoshita
Shoichi Haga Chuya Koyama Shinya Tanaka



Cork Inc., a Tokyo-based artist management and literary agency, co-develops new works with writers and artists, and then manages their intellectual properties globally through multiple media. Cork exclusively represents a growing catalog of titles that are immensely popular in Japan and Asia. Contact us at

Our Management Team

Yohei Sadoshima (Co-Founder / CEO)

Twitter : @sadycork

Yohei started his career in 2002 as a manga editor at Kodansha. During his 10-year career, Yohei was responsible for such best-selling manga titles as Vagabond (Takehiko Inoue), Dragon Zakura (Norifusa Mita), Hataraki Man (Moyoco Anno), and Space Brothers (Chuya Koyama) amongst others. He left Kodansha in 2012 and co-founded Cork, Inc.

Ryosuke Saegusa (Co-Founder / Partner)

Twitter : @saegusacork

Ryosuke started his career in 2001 at Kodansha, where he spent 4 years as a manga editor and 7 years as a literature and criticism editor. He left Kodansha in 2012 to co-found Cork, Inc. He is responsible for works by Japan's most prominent novelists and critics including Kenzaburõ Õe, Shigehiko Hasumi, Kojin Karatani, Mutsumi Yamashiro, Kazushige Abe, Kotaro Isaka, Nao-cola Yamazaki, Keiichiro Hirano, Hiromi Ito, and Shinya Tanaka.

Yuma Terada (Partner)

Twitter : @yumaterada

Yuma started his career in 2005 with Goldman Sachs Japan as a principal investor in real estate and distressed debt. In 2007, he joined a hedge fund and worked in London and Hong Kong as a global equities investor. Yuma joined Cork as a partner in 2013.