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Slow Reading: A Practical Approach

slow reading a practical approach

“I wish I could read faster!” is a phrase earnestly uttered by many busy modern people. But do speed reading techniques really work? Wouldn’t it be more valuable to focus and dive deeper into one book than lightly skim ten? The author of this book is an advocate of “slow reading,” which is ever so important in this day and age of overflowing information. What does the author read? How does he want others to read? Through books like Natsume Soseki’s Kokoro to Yukio Mishima’s Temple of the Golden Pavilion, to his own work, Sousou, the author introduces practical methods of how to gain knowledge from books. Readers will experience multiple epiphanies about books they may have read in school textbooks. Slow reading, unlike speed reading, does not require learning any new skills or techniques. Based on how the reader approaches a book, it can change the reading experience to be many times more enjoyable. Slow reading is helpful for work, studying for exams, job interviews, and interpersonal relationships. More than anything else, it is a way of reading that draws out your creativity.

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