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Dam Break

dam break

Ryosuke Nozawa lives a peaceful life with his wife and child in Ube City, Yamaguchi. His older brother Takashi is an aspiring elite diplomat working at the Tokyo National Diet Library. Ryosuke’s wife discovers his online diary, which shows his inferiority complex towards his brother and distrust towards his family. After she mentions this to Takashi, an anonymous person with the alias 666 starts posting on his blog. Ryosuke, who goes on a business trip to Osaka, leaves his house telling his wife that he’s going to meet up with Takashi, who was also there to help with the opening of the National Diet Library’s Kansai-kan. After meeting up with Takashi, Ryosuke goes missing, until his dismembered corpse is found. Takashi is the prime suspect, but the true culprit comes from an unexpected place. This work depicts the dark side of the age of information, following the family of the deceased and how Takashi's life unfolds after the incident. The curtains open on this breath-stopping story about unforgivable sin, in this suspenseful full-length novel.

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