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Artificial Love

artificial love

One rainy night, product designer Ikuya Arai happens upon the scene of a car accident, saving a beautiful actress who ends up having to amputate both of her legs. Later, Ikuya designs her prosthetic leg and they start to have feelings for each other, but the shadow of Kumiko’s ex-lover, who ran away from the scene of the accident, is a troublesome matter. Meanwhile, Kumiko, who had given up on life, starts piecing her life back together with a renewed goal of walking the Paris Collection, which she got from the support of Ikuya and her manager. However, the pair who are slowly falling in love face the obstacles of despair, misunderstanding, and jealousy… Will they be able to regain the “love” they each lost sight of? What shape will the love of two broken hearts take? This full-length work poses questions of the nature of “life” and “love.”

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